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Upcoming Lecture: Restoration of Alan Turing’s Preferred Interception Receiver

October 13,2017
7:30 pm
Roscoe West Room 201

RCA AR-88 flyer

Come out to hear Joe Jesson and Jonathan Allen speak about the RCA AR-88, a receiver that was vital in capturing German messages during WWII. Jesson will describe the genesis of this best-of-breed interception receiver initiated by David Sarnoff’s product leadership in order to exceed allied design and production requirements. What makes this interception receiver world-class and of interest to TCNJ engineering students? What were the Y- stations which were operated by Ham Radio operators and specially trained house-wives? How was German wireless traffic intercepted and followed by Y-station (mostly women operators), traffic location analyzed (Gordon Welchman pioneered) and traffic decrypted (Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman)? In addition, Jonathan Allen will speak about the detailed design of the AR-88 and report on his excellent progress he has made in his restoration work at the Sarnoff Museum on the TCNJ Campus