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Staff & Committee

Director, TCNJ Art Gallery and Sarnoff Collection

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund / 609-771-2633

Sarnoff Collection Assistants

Allison Stow

Sarnoff Collection Volunteers

Jonathan Allen
Herb Johnson

Sarnoff Collection Graphic Designer

Melissa Fernandez

TCNJ Sarnoff Committee

Christopher Ault, Associate Professor, Interactive Multimedia
Dr. James Beyers, Assistant Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Dr. Benny Chan, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Anthony S. Deese, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Brian Girard, Assistant Professor, Educational Administration and Secondary Education
Dr. Orlando Hernandez, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Department Chair
David Jurkin, Project Manager, Campus Construction
Dr. Allen Katz, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Richard Kroth, Director of Arts Facilities
Dr. John C. Laughton, Dean of the School of Arts & Communication
Dr. Alexander Magoun, Outreach Historian, IEEE History Center
Dr. John McCarty, Associate Professor, Marketing, Management, and Interdisciplinary Business
Dr. Steve O’Brian, Assistant Professor of Technology Studies and Director, TCNJ Center for Excellence in STEM Education
Dr. John Pollock, Professor, Communication Studies
William Rudeau, Director, Campus Construction